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Inno design

Hello Guys,

Currently people working with and want to move to the newly designed framework of  Microsoft  i.e.  Microsoft ASP.NET MVC framework , You are at the right place to learn it from the scratch. here we will explain what actually ASP.NET MVC framework  is , how does it work actually , what is the need of it and many more interesting stuff you would like to read about.

What is ASP.NET MVC ?

ASP.NET MVC is Microsoft’s newest technology for building web applications. It is one of the two different programming models you can use to create ASP.NET Web applications,the other being ASP.NET Web Forms. An MVC Application is designed and implemented using the following three attributes


  • Model : An MVC model contains all of an application’s logic that is not contained in a view or controller. The model includes all of an application’s validation logic, business logic, and data access logic. The MVC model contains model classes  that   model objects in the application’s domain.
  • View : An MVC view contains HTML markup and view logic.
  • Controller : An MVC controller contains control-flow logic. An MVC controller interacts with MVC models and views to control the flow of application execution.

This separation of concerns among models, views, and controllers has proven to be a useful way of structuring a web application.

First, sharply separating views from the remainder of a web application enables you to redesign the appearance of your application without touching any of the core logic. A web page designer can modify the views independently of the software engineers who build the business and data access logic. People with different skills and roles can modify different parts of the application without stepping on each other’s toes.

Furthermore, separating the views from the remainder of your application logic enables you to easily change the view technology in the future. One fine day, you might decide to re-implement the views in your application using Silverlight instead of HTML. If you entangle your view logic with the rest of your application logic, migrating to a new view technology will be difficult.

Separating controller logic from the remainder of your application logic has also proven to be a useful pattern for building web applications. You often need to modify the way that a user interacts with your application. You don’t want to touch your view logic or model logic when modifying the flow of execution of your application.

Isn’t  it  interesting ??? Hope You would like to know further about it and we will serve you the best…

Further We will discuss the requirements for working on ASP.Net MVC and The simple Examples which will help you get started with the ASP.NET MVC.


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